ZLB1014 MFG #: 483-0PMINIAC
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Made from eco-friendly softwood byproduct, easy pick-up, saves time and money, and super absorbent

The story behind America’s Choice© PREMIUM MINI FLAKE is quite simple. By triple sifting our shavings, we achieve a small, uniform and highly absorbent flake. PREMIUM MINI FLAKE gives you the same great benefits as pellets but without the hassle of wetting them down, waiting for the pellets to break down, or worrying about irritating dust! To put PREMIUM MINI FLAKE to the test, we recently participated in a bedding study with a major university. They set up three stalls, one containing wood shavings, another with pelleted bedding and the last stall with PREMIUM MINI FLAKE. The results showed that our PREMIUM MINI FLAKE cut stall cleaning time in half and less bedding was wasted. Many equine beddings promise low dust—PREMIUM MINI FLAKE delivers! A dust free, easy to clean stall is healthier for your horse and means you spend less time and money mucking, and more time enjoying your horse!