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Barpenta is the latest improved timothy variety from Barenbrug. Despite being a very late-heading variety, it is a high dry matter yield producer. Barpenta is suited for timothy hay producers who like to diversify their acreage with varieties maturing throughout the season. This aids in spreading the hay swathing and baling workload throughout the season.

Barpenta is a late maturing timothy with very high yield. Barpenta is popular because of its high performance and strong range of characteristics. Barpenta has performed well in trials and its high yield make it especially suited for hay production. Barpenta is a late maturing variety, but with exceptional spring development. In addition to high yield, it offers excellent disease resistance and persistence, making it a favorite with growers. Timothy works well in blends with winter-hardy perennial ryegrass and white clover. This will add palatability, spring growth, health and winter-hardiness to the stand. Pure stands of timothy are perfect for haying but less suitable for grazing. When timothy starts heading out, both palatability and digestibility fall dramatically. Therefore a late maturing variety is preferred as a blend component for grazing. Timothy has long been recognized as the grass of preference for horses. It causes few, if any, nutritional problems and gives hay that characteristic "nose" which only comes from a good Timothy content.

  • Low pubescence and reduced dustiness
  • Faster drying with impressive yields
  • High forage quality – palatable and nutritious
  • Improved winter-hardiness and persistence u Fixes nitrogen – reduces fertilizer costs
  • Also available with Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating


Freedom! is a rapidly-establishing legume. It should generally be fall planted at least 8 weeks before a killing frost. However, in the Northern regions a frost-seeding in the early spring is also a suitable option. Freedom! can be established via a full-cultivation, no-till seeding, or broadcast when frost-seeding. Freedom! is pre-inoculated and also coated with Yellow Jacket. Yellow Jacket is a proprietary coating that contains ZEBA, a patented compound that absorbs a minimum of six hundred (600) times its weight in water and increases healthy plant establishment.


Seeding Rate

  • Seeds per lb: 270,000
  • Seeding a pure stand: 15 – 20 lbs / acre
  • Seeding with grass: 8 – 10 lbs / acre
  • Frost-seeding into grass: 10 – 12 lbs / acre

Nitrogen Fixation:

Nitrogen fixation is a valuable attribute of legumes, producing nitrogen and therefore reducing fertilization costs. However, legumes can only "fix" nitrogen when the proper rhizobium bacteria are present in the soil. Therefore, to ensure maximum nitrogen fixation, seed should be properly inoculated prior to planting so the appropriate bacteria are present.


Appropriate cutting regimes will improve forage yield and stand persistence. In the establishment year, harvest prior to full-bloom stage. For an established stand, first cut should occur at early-bloom stage and subsequent harvests at late-bud or early-bloom stage. Harvesting forage under hot, dry conditions or too close to the first freeze can reduce stand longevity.