Blue Mesa Sheep Fescue Seed, 50 Lb Bag

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Blue Mesa is a true Sheep’s Fescue (festuca Ovina) which is very limited in today’s market place. It is designed for low maintenance lawn and landscape areas, but can be a high quality turf when maintained with irrigation. Its low rate of leaf growth allows for infrequent mowings. When Blue Mesa is unmown, it will form a natural meadow type area.

Blue Mesa is a bunch type grass with a fine leaf texture and a soft blue-gray leaf color, making it a great choice where a contrast in color is desired. Blue Mesa shows good winter color which differs from many other cool season species that go off-color with winter dormancy.

Blue Mesa is a very versatile variety. It has excellent shade tolerance and handles drier shade environments. Blue Mesa is frequently used where soil erosion control is needed. Blue Me


  • Blue-gray leaf color
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Low maintenance
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Quick spring green up
  • Excellent winter color

Seeding Rates

New Establishement

4-6lbs/ 1,000 square feet


2-3lbs/ 1,000 square feet