Freedom Coated Red Clover Seed, 25 Lb Bag

  • Ingredients: Red Clover
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Freedom! red clover is the latest release from the University of Kentucky. It is selected for increased dry matter production and drying and has finer stems and less pubescence (hairs) on the stem which causes the plant to dry faster

Freedom! – so named because of its freedom from pubescence (non-glandular hairs), is one of the latest red clovers developed exclusively for Barenbrug USA. Research indicates the attributes of Freedom! make it ideal for hay production. With less pubescence than typical red clovers, Freedom! promotes faster drying in the field and reduces the chance for loss of quality due to untimely rainfall. In addition, less pubescence also reduces the dustiness of hay, thus improving air quality. Freedom! is also well adapted for grazing and silage.

  • Very high yield
  • Excellent palatability
  • Good spring growth
  • Late maturing
  • Winter-hardy


High palatability and superior winter hardiness are timothy's most important features. It does very well on wet, peaty and heavy textured soils. The establishment of this species is rather slow and summer production is often limited. Timothy tolerates a cutting management well but only a few varieties like Barpenta perform well under grazing.

Seeding Rate

Seeding rate: 10-15 lbs / acre


In order to maximize the benefits of a high quality timothy, it should be managed well. Seed in a fine, well-prepared seedbed. Brillion seeders or broadcasting the seed followed by a cultipacker works best. If a regular drill is used, we suggest crossing the field twice, at an angle.