FSG-506OG Orchardgrass Seed, 50 Lb Bag

  • Ingredients: Orchardgrass
Seat Coating
  • Details

FSG 506OG is an early-medium maturing orchardgrass that makes great hay, silage, and pasture. This cultivar was chosen for its great production potential, increased seedling vigor, and disease resistance. FSG 506OG is a versatile grass that may be used alone or in combination with other grasses and legumes.

  • Excellent foliar disease resistance
  • Great forage yield potential
  • Quick recovery
  • Excellent Color
  • Improved stand persistence


  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Seeding Rate (acre) New 25 lbs per acre, Over seeding 10 lbs. per acre
  • Planting Season: Spring - Fall
  • Plant Depth: ½" - 1"