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Gray Hawk is at the forefront of perennial ryegrass breeding efforts coming out of the Pure-Seed Testing research program. It was selected for excellent drought tolerance, density, and superior resistance to gray leaf spot and crown rust. Gray Hawk has outstanding traffic tolerance and turf performance built in. Gray Hawk is an elite perennial ryegrass that is qualified by the TWCA for its remarkable drought enduring capabilities.


Gray Hawk is the dependable variety that you want in your lineup. Disease resistance, turf performance, traffic and drought tolerance make this cultivar an excellent choice for all-around cool season turf. Gray Hawk performs well as a mono stand or a component in a cool season mix or blend. Is gray leaf spot a major issue in your area? Try teaming Gray Hawk with Gray Fox and Gray Wolf (coming soon) for the best GLS blend on the market. Gray Hawk is an excellent choice for high traffic sports fields, golf course overseeding, and sod farms.

Geographical Adaption:

Gray Hawk thrives throughout the cool-season and the northern areas of the transition zone as a permanent turf application. It is frequently used in the fall/winter overseeding of dormant Bermuda in the south. Seeding rates for home and landscape use range from 7-10 lbs./1,000 sq. ft (294-490 kg/ha). For athletic fields, golf course overseeding, and sod farms a range of 450-650 lbs./acre (204-295 kg/ha) is adequate. Gray Hawk can handle mowing heights from .25” to 2.5” (1.27-10 cm) with exceptional turf density