Hot Rod Turf Type Tall Fescue Seed, 50 Lb Bag

  • Ingredients: Fescue
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  • TOP RATED Schedule B and rated #2 Schedule A in NTEP turf quality
  • TOP and high quality in all regions NTEP
  • Top ratings in traffic tolerance
  • High brown patch disease resistance
  • Dark green and medium fine leaf texture
  • Very good summer density

HOT ROD turf type tall fescue is an all around excellent turf performer. It was rated in the top group in brown patch disease resistance in the most current testing. It is a top performer in shorter mowed high maintenance athletic turf. For sports turf, it has a high traffic tolerance rating. Under taller mowing conditions with less fertility and irrigation, HOT ROD ranks well in home lawn and commercial turf.

The variety establishes with ease, and has high density through all seasons. HOT ROD fits well in an elite blend with many of the newest tall fescues, perennial ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrasses in turf mixes. It has an open foliar canopy to resist fungal attacks from brown patch disease.

HOT ROD tall fescue is slower growing for less mowing. It provides a dense turf carpet in the summer and through the fall growing season. This variety is a successful performer in the traditional tall fescue use areas of the United States.HOT ROD turf type tall fescue will work well for your golf rough and approaches, commercial turf or home lawn care needs.

Seeding Rates:

New Lawns: 8# per 1000 square feet 

Overseed: 4# per 1000 square feet 170# per Acre