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Paragon GLR is the breakthrough variety for which turf managers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest need to combat Gray Leaf Spot! TMI began working with several renowned breeding programs to produce a resistant variety that could withstand the ravages of a gray leaf spot outbreak following the initial outbreaks of the turf disease in the 1990’s. The result is a spectacular variety with deep green color and fine texture that has been developed using only traditional breeding methods.

When Gray Leaf Spot first hit golf courses in the 1990’s the industry was largely ill-prepared to deal with the aggressive fungus, or its rapid spread across transition zone states.

Fungicides have produced some results, however with Paragon GLR, superintendents and sports field managers have a much safer and reliable solution – a grass seed with demonstrated resistance, which also possesses many of the best characteristics of Perennial Ryegrass

. In NTEP Trials, Paragon GLR was rated:

  • #1 in Turfgrass Quality Ratings*
  • #1 in Typhula Blight Ratings**

Paragon GLR is in constant demand, so contact your local distributor early to ensure a delivery in time for seeding or overseeding!