Seed Bond Tackifier 20 Lb 80/Pal

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Anchors hydroseeding slurry, including seed, in place to promote faster revegetation.

Watermain will not only remain active in the soil for up to 5 years, it is built to withstand repeated applications of the harshest ferilzers, herbicies and fungicides, therfore enabling its range of application to include true water retention on sports turf and golf greens. 

When used in accordance with the specific direction provided, Watermin may be used indoors and outdoors, in the following method: Pots, hanging baskets, bedding plants, trees,lawns, planters, seed flats, garden rows, shrubs, lawn seeding, tubs, melons, squash hills, ornamentals, sod.

When used as directed:

  • Stores and releases water
  • Increases root mass
  • Aerates the soil
  • Speeds germination
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Increases plant survival, growth, and yield
  • Bio-degrades (slowly)
  • Is non toxic to plants and animals
  • reduces fertilizer leaching


Use sparingly, one pound of watermain treats 1000 sq ft.