Anchors hydroseeding slurry, including seed, in place to promote faster revegetation.
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  • Acts as a straw or wood mulch adhesive
  • Temporary surface treatment of soils exposed to wind and water erosion.
  • A light dust control product.

Application Rate

Fiber Mulch Binder: 4:1 slopes, 20 lbs./acre;2:1 slopes, 40 lbs./acre; 1:1 slopes, 100 lbs./acre

Straw Adhesive, when using cellulose mulch: 4:1 % 3:1 slopes, 35 lbs./acre;2:1 slopes, 50 lbs./acre; use twice the amount indicated in high wind exposure areas, or when applying wood mulches.

Dust control, when using cellulose mulch @ 500 lbs./acre:40lbs. To 100 lbs/acre, following soil analysis.