Certified Sword Hard Fescue Seed, 50 Lb Bag

  • Ingredients: Fescue
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Sword is a Hard Fescue that combines dark green genetic color, great density, improved traffic tolerance and good overall disease resistance for a desirable quality turf.

Sword has exhibited excellent resistance to Red Thread and good resistance to Dollar Spot. Sword was rated number 4 in NTEPs Fine fescue turf quality rating in “AMMI” group 1 trial. Sword does well in locations that have sandy loam soil. Sword also handles shade and is ideal in low maintenance situations. Sword is ideally suited for golf courses, parks, commercial and residential properties.


  • Dark Green Genetic Color
  • Improved Traffic Tolerance
  • Great Spring Density
  • Excellent Resistance to Red Thread

Seeding Rates

New Establishement

4-6lbs/ 1,000 square feet


2-3lbs/ 1,000 square feet