Triple Crown Elite Turf Type Tall Fescue w/Hydroloc QS and 3-D, coated, 5 Lb Bag

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Enjoy your lawn even more with Triple Crown Elite, Hyrdoloc QS and 3D plant enhancer. With this unique effective formula, your lawn benefits from extended feeding, resulting in the full green grass! Compared to regular Triple Crown, Hyrdoloc QS enhances germination, making it easier to maintain. Also includes our propriety formula 3D. Use on either new lawns or overseeding existing grass.

  • Produces a thick, durable lawn with improved turf density
  • It is both cold and disease resistant
  • Great for full sun and partially shaded areas
  • Has great traffic and drought tolerance once established
  • Ideal for many residential turf lawns and athletic fields
  • Saves water over comparable turf grasses


  • Full sun to medium shade
  • Sun Tolerance: Very good
  • Shade Tolerance: good
  • Grass Color: Medium to dark green
  • Grass Texture: Fine blade
  • Drought Tolerance: Excellent
  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Traffic Tolerance: Excellent
  • Seeding Rate (lbs.) per 1000 square feet.  New 8-10 lbs. , Over seeding  5 to 8lbs
  • Mowing: Recommendation (in.) 2 ¼ - 4”

About Hydroloc QS

Pinnacle Hydroloc QS encapsulates each seed in a carefully formulated mix of minerals and selected micro-nutrients including Fe, Zn and Mg, thus establishing a micro-environment for stimulating vigorous growth in young seedlings. Hydroloc's Hydration Polymer retains water for enhanced germination, growth, and maximizes uptake of micro-nutrients. The hygroscopic nature of the coating pulls and holds moisture to the seed, aiding germination.

Pinnacle Hydroloc QS requires no increase in seeding rates due to the increased number of healthy adult plants when compared to raw seed. Additionally, species such as perennial ryegrass maintain health while allowing other mixed species such as Kentucky bluegrass or fescues to compete properly.

About 3D

3D is a concentrated formulation of the finest plant growth enhancing compounds which has been custom designed and balanced by our research team to maximize plant performance. Characteristics include Improved plant performance, especially under stress, reduced nematode damage by increasing tolerance and root mass, Increased root mass and depth. Find more about our product here.