ZLF9115 MFG #: 104840
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Wheat Midds are a co-product of the wheat flour industry. It consists of fine particles of wheat bran, wheat shorts, wheat germ, wheat flour, and some of the offal from the “tail of the mill.”They are highly palatable, a good source of protein, fiber, phosphorus, and other nutrients. It has 96 percent of the energy value of barley and 91 percent of the energy value of corn. Midds are highly palatable and can be included in the grain mixture at high levels.

Can be fed at levels up to 40% of the lactating ration dry matter or 5-10 lb/cow/day as fed. It works well as a protein and energy source for growing heifers.

  • Crude protein: 16% minimum
  • Crude fat: 4% minimum
  • Crude fiber: 7.5%