Caudill Seed Announces Purchase of Former Sheldon Seed Plant in Missouri

Caudill Seed Company Subsidiary Kentucky Fertilizer Sets Up New Pelletized Operation

Dustin 7/19/2022

Caudill Seed Company, purchased the former Agro Fertilizer plant in 2010, recently set up a pelletized lime operation. The plant located at 303 Hill Street, Winchester, Kentucky operates under Caudill Seed Subsidiary, Kentucky Fertilizer, LLC. They provide a complete line of fertilizers and pelletized products. The pelletized products consist of pelletized lime, gypsum, and a new upcoming product, enhanced fast-acting pelletized lime, which will be available in the Fall of 2022.

Kentucky Fertilizer distributes to a vast network of customers throughout the Midwest and the Eastern United States.

Caudill Seed Company is a Kentucky LLC founded in 1947 with main offices located in Louisville, Kentucky.