Shipping and Returns


Products from our warehouse:

In order to deliver on our truck, we require a minimum order of $600. The customer is required to take the products off the truck. Our driver will sit the pallet of product on the rear of the trailer if a loading dock is not available. We ship out items as soon as possible but will not always be the same day as you order. In general, please add 3-4 business days to allow for processing time. If we anticipate a longer lead time, your Sales Representative will contact you with an expected delivery date. When placing your order, please inform us if you cannot receive a full size tractor trailer at the delivery location. We are only able to unload AFTER receipt of payment. For each delivery address a fuel surcharge will be applied. This amount varies with the current cost of fuel.


Direct ship products:

Direct ship loads will be full truck-load quantity only. A delivery fee will be applied according to the number of miles necessary to make delivery. The expected delivery date on directs is typically 5-7 business days. Please coordinate with your Sales Representative with questions on delivery dates. If more than one delivery address for the order, and fuel surcharge will be assessed for each delivery location.


Stock items:

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective, is not in accordance with local seed laws, or damaged in transit. If the product is damaged as it is being off loaded, the responsibility belongs to the customer. If you receive a defective item, please contact your sales representative with details of the product and the defect. Unless otherwise determined, a Caudill Seed driver will be sent out to pick up the product.

Upon receipt of the returned product, we will fully examine it and the Sales Representative will notify you via telephone or e-mail, within a reasonable period of time, whether you are entitled to a refund or a replacement as a result of the defect. If you are entitled to a replacement or refund, we will replace the product or refund the purchase price, using the original method of payment.

Special Orders:

From the time a non-stock item or a custom seed blend order is placed with Caudill Seed Company, the customer is fully responsible for payment of the ordered product. All special order products are considered a “Final Sale” and will not be refunded.