Caudill Seed Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Caudill Seed Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Dustin 10/24/2022

Caudill Seed Company announces its 75th consecutive year of operations as of August 1, 2022. The company was founded by Forrest Caudill, who after returning from service in the Navy and Marines began Caudill Seed Company. When Forrest was asked why he didn’t return to the farm life after being discharged from the Marine Base at Camp Pendleton, CA, he stated that fighting in World War II was a vacation compared to milking cows on his farm in Kentucky. With that in mind, he never milked another cow in his life. Forrest Caudill began the seed business in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and moved the business to Louisville, Kentucky in 1959. Caudill Seed is now a diversified agricultural products-based corporation operating from three distribution facilities in Kentucky, four processing plants across the Midwest, and an office in Salem, Oregon.Kentucky Fertilizer distributes to a vast network of customers throughout the Midwest and the Eastern United States.

Caudill Seed Company is a Kentucky LLC founded in 1947 with main offices located in Louisville, Kentucky.