Caudill Sprouting Approved for EU Export Program

Caudill Seed Company Subsidiary Caudill Sprouting Approved for EU Export Program

Dustin 4/11/2022

Caudill Seed Company is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Caudill Sprouting LLC, has been approved for the sale of sprouting seeds to Europe. The approval was granted by USDA Specialty Crops Inspection Division incorporation with DG Sante, the European Commission’s unit for food safety and health. The program will be overseen by the Agricultural Marketing Service of USDA, which will require continuous audit requirements to be met, including, but not limited to, traceability, GAP monitoring, processing verification, and mock recalls.

Caudill Sprouting is appreciative of the work from USDA government officials in finalizing a program that has been in development for several years. We believe there is an immense potential for market development throughout the European corridor that has not yet been fully explored for microgreen and sprouting seeds that originate in the United States. The approval of this program will open up new markets for our company and help farmers throughout the US who aid in the supply chain of sprouting seeds from the US.