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Preassembled in 48' rolls. The hardwood post are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 42" and spaced on 6' centers. Our silt fence is manufactured such that the geotextile fabric is attached to the post with 2' lath and 5/5" staples.

The following are specifications on the silt fence fabric:

Properties Test Method English
Grab Tensile ASTM D 4632 W 124 x F 124
Grab Elongation ASTM D 4632 15%
Mullen Burst ASTM D 3786 300 psi
Puncture ASTM D 4822 65 lb
Trapezoid Tear ASTM D 4533 65 lb
A.O.S. ASTM D 4751 #30 Sieve
Flow Rate ASTM D 4491 10 gal/min/ft2

Easy Installation:

To install silt fence with post preattached to the fabric, simply unroll, stretch, and drive stakes. Make sure all supporting posts are on the downslope side of the fencing. The bottom of the fabric should be placed under 6 inches of compacted soil to prevent sediment flow underneath the fence.