Caudill Seed Gives Hand Up To People In Need

Caudill Seed gives hand up to people in need

Dustin 2/28/2012

Caudill Seed, its directors and shareholders believe in offering a hand up to those in need. As a result, our company and our directors are committed to contributing no less than 10 percent of the company’s income either by the directors or the company.

And leading the way is our chief operations officer, Dan Caudill, who is serving as board chair for The Healing Place.

The Healing Place

Founded as a homeless shelter in 1989, The Healing Place is Kentucky’s largest shelter/addiction recovery center. In addition, it has become one of the nation’s most effective long-term, social model recovery programs. With 75 percent of its alumni remaining sober after one year, The Healing Place’s success rate is five times the national average for recovery facilities.
Today, over 2,700 individuals are leading productive lives and many are reunited with their families because of The Healing Place’s unique approach to recovery.
Caudill Seed is honored to have received the “Celebrate Freedom Award” from The Healing Place. This annual award is given in recognition of supporters of solutions for the homeless, the alcoholic and the addict.

The Talbot House/Wallace House/Hoard House

Dan Caudill formerly served 12 years as a member of the Talbot House’s board of directors. Caudill Seed was a corporate sponsor of The Talbot House’s seventh annual golf scramble, the organization’s signature fund raiser.

As the oldest residential facility for recovering men in the Louisville area, The Talbot House, Inc., is dedicated to providing shelter, education and support to men recovering from alcoholism and chemical dependency. Its mission is to “bridge the gap” for men who are endeavoring to return to their families and to their communities as sober, useful members of society.
In the last 17 years, the Talbot House program has grown to include two other houses—the Wallace House and the Hoard House. Caudill Seed was instrumental in helping to establish these residences. As the second and third legs of the Talbot system, the Wallace House and the Hoard House are instrumental in helping residents to rebuild their independence in the strong “recovery environment” of the Talbot House.

Ice House, Inc.

Caudill Seed played a major role in starting the Ice House, Inc. in the mid-1990s. Our involvement is ongoing with Dan Caudill continuing as an active member of the board of directors.

Volunteers of America

Another organization that Caudill Seed supports is the Volunteers of America of Kentucky, Inc. This vital organization is committed to serving individuals and families in need throughout Kentucky, Southern Indiana and surrounding states. The organization’s mission is to create positive change in the lives of those it serves through a ministry of service. Among the services the Volunteers of America addresses are family homelessness, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, HIV/AIDS and senior needs.

Other organizations we support

In addition, we actively support many other local and national organizations including Dismas Charities, Care Center, Women’s Community of Louisville, Brightside and various food banks.

Caudill’s Community Involvement is Homegrown

Caudill Seed Co. is a global company, but remains committed to community involvement in its own backyard. As we celebrate our 65th year in business, we believe in supporting our community.
Recently, our company was a partner in the Portland Orchard Project in our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. We were pleased to donate wild flower seeds to be planted in an inner-city vacant lot where a sustainable fruit farm will sprout up.

More than 50 apple trees were planted at the site. When harvested, the fruit will be free to all in the neighborhood.

The Portland Orchard Project is a worthy community enterprise that will help our neighbors—and is eco-friendly as well. We’re honored to be part of it.