XRK7110 MFG #: I17110
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Antler Boost Mineral, a carefully formulated blend of minerals and vitamins designed to address common nutrient deficiencies in deer. By establishing an Antler Boost Mineral site on your property, you can enhance the overall health of your deer herd and provide the essential nutrients necessary for optimal growth, both in body size and antler development.

Antler Boost Mineral features organic chelated minerals, which are a highly beneficial feed ingredient for animals. These minerals, including zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt, play a crucial role in various physiological functions such as immune system support, reproduction, skin and hoof health, muscle development, milk production, fiber digestion, and energy metabolism. When animals have a balanced intake of these trace minerals, they are better equipped to handle the challenges of stress. Furthermore, the bioavailability of these trace minerals in Antler Boost Mineral ensures greater absorption by the animal, maximizing their benefits. Unleash the true potential of your deer herd with the Antler Boost Deer Mineral Block.

  • Supplies & replenishes deer with the necessary minerals
  • Nourishes bone strength
  • Contains high quality minerals and vitamins that are necessary for a whitetails growth
  •  Designed to slowly disperse into the soil


Instructions for using the Antler Boost Mineral Block:

  1. Open the packaging and unwrap the Antler Boost Mineral Block.
  2. Position the block in proximity to areas frequented by deer, such as trails or watering spots.
  3. Maintain a year-round supply of mineral blocks to supplement the natural vegetation and provide essential nutrients for improved deer growth and antler development.
  4. The consumption level of the blocks will vary depending on the deer's growth stage and reproductive status, as well as the availability of other food sources.
  5. Monitor the blocks regularly and replenish them when a significant portion has been consumed.
  6. Avoid placing the blocks in areas where domestic livestock can compete with deer for access to the blocks.