XRK2102 MFG #: C22101
  • Category: Deer Attractants, Food Plots & Feeding
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Corn Spike is a simple yet highly effective additive that significantly enhances the flavor and aroma of deer feed. The moment you catch a whiff of its powerful scent, you'll grasp its potency. Now imagine the impact it has on deer. Just add the desired amount to your feed, mix it in evenly, and give your deer feed the boost it needs in both allure and taste. Your deer will undoubtedly express their gratitude.

  1. Enhances Deer Feed:

    • Adds a Strong Aroma and Flavor to Your Everyday Deer Feed
    • Attracts More Deer from Longer Distances
  2. Boosts Deer Activity:

    • Proven in Independent Testing to Increase Deer Activity and Consumption near Feed Sites
  3. Simple and Affordable Solution:

    • Provides a Straightforward and Inexpensive Method for Enhancing Your Everyday Deer Feed
  4. Pro Tip for Maximum Effectiveness:

    • Consistently Use Corn Spike to Familiarize Deer with the Scent
    • Reserve Its Use for Hunting or Gathering Pictures
    • The Aroma Establishes Habitual Patterns, Signaling Fresh Food to Deer

Treats up to 1,000lbs of corn/pellets/grain