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This long-range deer attractant, known for its ability to lure deer from afar, is rich in protein and does an excellent job of captivating whitetails with its unique and highly appealing scent. 4S DRAW, is powered peanuts, provides double the protein and fat found in corn, promoting the well-being of the herd and enhancing its attraction and retention. If your aim is to increase deer sightings and maximize your hunting prospects, utilize 4S DRAW for a more fruitful experience in the field.

  • Long Range
  • Rapid Repsonse Formula
  • Offers 2x the protein & fat of corn, promoting an overall healthier herd
  • Pour on the ground in strips 2"-4" deep and 4'-5' long or in a pile to create a hot spot
  • Enhance nutrient levels and increase grain consumption by adding 4S DRAW (mix at a rate of 5-10lbs per 50lbs of grain)
  • Enrich food plots and boost deer activity by broadcasting or sprinkling 4S DRAW
  • For optimal trail cam pictures, pour in parallel strips 2"-4" deep, allowing multiple deer to eat at once
  • When trough feeding, start using 4S DRAW as an attractant/supplement and increase the amount offered as consumption increases
  • For automatic spin feeders, blend in 4S DRAW as a top dressing at a rate of 5-10lbs per 50lbs of grain or pellets, ensuring proper mixing to prevent clogging.