ZLF9206 MFG #: 100850
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Beet pulp is a byproduct from the processing of sugar beet which is used as fodder for horses and other livestock. Molasses is added to shreds to make them sweeter and more desirable to horses and helps them keep their weight at an optimum level. It is low cost, highly digestible, and highly palatable. Recommended for horses, cattle, and other farm animals that are underweight and older.

  • High calorie, low protein, and low sugar fiber
  • Soak faster than pellets
  • Considered less dusty than hay
  • Easy to feed and store

Storage and Handling

Sugar beet pulp shreds can easily be stacked and stored. Changes in temperature are not harmful if reasonably dry conditions are maintained. When kept dry, sugar beet pulp shreds can be stored over a year.