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Western Excelsior's Excel PP5-12 Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) consists of a matrix of ultraviolet stabilized, synthetic fibers stitched between two ultraviolet stabilized, heavy-duty synthetic nets. With a target weight of twelve ounces per square yard, the Excel PP5-12 provides sufficient thickness and durability to yield functional longevity greater than three years. The Excel PP5-12 is intended to provide immediate erosion control and long term turf reinforcement for the more severe slope and channelized applications. The Excel PP5-12 TRM provides erosion control and turf reinforcement for a minimum of thirty-six months, and likely much longer. Available in a variety of roll sizes, Excel PP5-12 provides reliable, economical erosion control and turf reinforcement for projects that benefit from a permanent material. Excel PP5-12 utilizes a blend of properties specifically designed to provide a high level of unvegetated performance, in addition to excellent vegetated performance. Like all Western Excelsior products, Excel PP5-12 is made in the USA and may yield LEED credits for the end user. In addition to a complete suite of standard documentation, detailed information on the advantages and properties of the product are provided below.

Property Excel PP5-10
Matrix Color Green
Netting Top and Bottom
Netting Type Synthetic
Netting Degradability Non-Degradable
Stitching Synthetic
Stitch Spacing 2 in On Center
Matrix 100% Synthetic Fiber
Degradability Non-Degradable
Degradability Mechanism Non-Degradable
Unit Weight 12.0 oz/yd^2 (407 g/m^2)
Thickness 0.38 in (10 mm)
Tensile Strength (MD) 25.0 lb/in (4.4 kN/m)
Tensile Strength (TD) 18.0 lb/in (3.2 kN/m)
Coverage 20% open
Available Widths 7.5 - 16.0 ft (2.3 - 4.9 m)
Available Lengths 112.5 - 450 ft (34.3 - 137.2 m)
Nominal Longevity > 36 Months
Enhancement None