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Western Excelsior manufactures a full line of Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). Excel SS-2 temporary Erosion Control Blanket is composed of a 100% weed free agricultural straw matrix mechanically (stitch) bound on two inch centers between two photodegradable, synthetic nets. Excel SS-2 is intended for use in channels or on slopes requiring erosion protection for a period up to twelve months. Actual field longevity is dependent on soil and climatic conditions.

Western Excelsior's Excel SS-2 Erosion Control Blanket (ECB) consists of a 100% certified weed free straw matrix stitched between two nets (top and bottom). Excel SS-2 is available with photodegradable, synthetic netting (Regular); rapid photodegradable, synthetic netting (Rapid-Go) or all natural, biodegradable netting (All Natural). The Excel SS-2 ECB provides erosion control for a period of up to twelve months (45 - 90 days as Rapid Go style) and serves as a mulching layer. Actual longevity is dependent on soil and climatic conditions. Available in a variety of roll sizes, Excel SS-2 provides reliable, economical erosion control ideal for low gradient/low risk slope and channel projects. Like all Western Excelsior products, Excel SS-2 is made in the USA and yields LEED credits for the end user. In addition to a complete suite of standard documentation, detailed information on the advantages and properties of the product are provided below.

Property Excel SS2
Matrix Color Natural
Netting Top and Bottom
Netting Type Synthetic
Netting Degradability Regular
Stitching Synthetic
Stitch Spacing 2 in On Center
Matrix 100% Weed Free Straw
Degradability Completely Degradable
Degradability Mechanism Photodegradable / Biodegradable
Unit Weight 8.0 oz/yd^2 (271 g/m^2)
Thickness 0.28 in (7 mm)
Tensile Strength (MD) 10.0 lb/in (1.8 kN/m)
Tensile Strength (TD) 6.2 lb/in (1.1 kN/m)
Coverage 22% open
Available Widths 7.5 - 16.0 ft (2.3 - 4.9 m)
Available Lengths 112.5 - 450 ft (34.3 - 137.2 m)
Nominal Longevity 12 Months
Enhancement None