Indy General Purpose Seed Mixture, 50 Lb Bag

  • Ingredients: Mix
  • Details

Indy General Turf Seed Mixture is the perfect grass to choose for parks and residential lawns. The combination of grasses provide a dark green color with fine leaf blades that form a dense turf. It provides a strong durable playing surface for your home lawn. Indy Athletic Turf Seed Mixture is widely adaptable in the hottest summer months.

  • Outstanding performance under low fertility and poor soil conditions
  • Excellent traffic tolerance and recovery
  • Excellent turf quality and dark green color
  • Exhibits strong ability to recover from extreme wear and use
  • Strong disease resistance and insect tolerance


  • Daily Light Required: Full sun to med shade
  • Sun Tolerance: Very good
  • Shade Tolerance: Very good
  • Grass Color: Medium to dark green
  • Grass Texture: Fine
  • Drought Tolerance: Excellent
  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Traffic Tolerance: Excellent
  • Seeding Rate (lbs.) per 1000 square feet.  New 8-10 lbs., Over seeding  5 to 8lbs
  • Mowing: Recommendation (in.) 2 ¼ - 4”