ZCL5474 MFG #: BFHR5039
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Turface® Pro League Heritage Red™ provides a classic, rich cherry wood color with proven infield conditioning benefits, creating superior sliding and fielding surfaces. As the preferred conditioner of the major leagues, Pro League is unmatched for maximum rainout protection and infield coloring. Pro League Heritage Red will remain a consistent color in wet or dry infields.

Pro League Heritage Red provides a classic, rich cherry wood color for skinned infields, while offering the same optimum moisture management professional groundskeepers have come to expect from Turface® Pro League. The newest product provides excellent ball visibility, and the rich color is consistent on both wet and dry infields. It remains uniform throughout the game. Already being used on a number of Major League Baseball fields, Heritage Red is now available to turn any field into a signature diamond. In fact, Turface conditioners are preferred by more MLB groundskeepers than any other infield conditioner to manage moisture, improve drainage and keep skinned surfaces playable.

  • Materials: A calcined, non-swelling illite and silica clay
  • Porosity: Total 74%, with 39% Capillary and 35% Non Capillary
  • pH range: 5.5 + 1.0
  • CEC: 33.6 mEq/100g
  • Particle Stability: Sulfate Soundness testing (ASTM C-88) and static degradation test not to exceed 4% loss over 20 years
  •  Bulk Density: 40+ 2 lb/ft³
  • Color Range: Reddish/Brown
  • Packaging: 50 pound valve bags, 2000 pound super sacks

Pro League Heritage Red® Sieve Analysis:

5 MESH (4 mm) 0.0%
8 MESH (2.38 mm) 4.0%
16 MESH (1.19 mm) 89.2%
20 MESH (.841 mm) 5.8%
50 MESH (.297 mm) 0.9%
PAN 0.1%

Product Description: Must be an illite silica blend at 40% minimum and 60% minimum amorphous silica. Material must be
processed in a rotary kiln operation at temperatures not less than 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Product must then be screened and dedusted.

Typical Chemical Description:

  • SiO2 - 74%
  • Al2O3 - 11%
  • Fe2O3 - 5%
  • All other chemicals equal less than 5% and include : CaO, MgO, K2O, Na2O and TiO2

Installation: Use the following formula to determine the amount of Turface to incorporate into the skinned infield mix. Infields
should be amended at 15% to 20% by volume, 4 inches deep.

Turface tons required = area x depth of incorporation (in inches) x desired % of Turface (20% = 0.2)/667

For example: To determine the amount of TURFACE required to amend an infield skinned area of 9000 sq. ft. at a depth of 4 inc hes at a
20% volume:
9000 x 4 x 0.2/667 = 10.8 tons of TURFACE