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Tac-L is a acrylamide copolymer (poly acrylamide) tackifier that gives coverage, convenience and economy in one. As a synthetic element it can persist longer in the environment than organic based tackifiers. This product is compatible with all industry accepted ingredients including, but not limit to liming material, fertilizer, mulch, growth supplements, and seed. It is highly concentrated; 2 lbs. will cover one acre.


  • Tacking paper and Light Straw - Use one bag per acre
  • Binding Heavy Wood Mulch - Use Two Bags Per Acre
  • On Slopes in exces of 30 degrees -  use two bags per acre


  1. Add TAC-L when the tank is half full and agitation started.
  2. Add gradually along with other slurry ingredients.
  3. When fuly loaded, agitate at one half to full speed for five minutes.