ZCL5476 MFG #: BFQD5026P
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After a rain, Turface® Quick Dry® makes muddy, slippery conditions a thing of the past. Quick Dry will not cake, become slippery or leave an infield rock-hard upon drying. It features easy application as a topdressing during and after rains. Just apply Quick Dry to wet areas or puddles, let the product begin to absorb the moisture, and rake the area to return to play time and time again.

The fine particles of Turface® Quick Dry® make it the perfect choice for quickly clearing up puddles and mud on skinned infields. Just dump and rake to make your infield safe and playable.

  • Materials: A calcined, non-swelling illite and silica clay
  • Porosity: Total 74%, with 39% Capillary and 35% Non Capillary
  • pH range: 6.5 + 1.0
  • CEC: 30 + 5 mEq/100g
  • Particle Stability: Sulfate Soundness testing (ASTM C-88) and static degradation test not to exceed 4% loss over 20 years
  • Bulk Density: 38 + 2lb./ft³ (17.2 kg + 32 kg/m3)
  • Color Range: Reddish/Brown
  • Packaging: 50 pound (22.7 kg) valve bags

Quick Dry® Typical Sieve Analysis:

80% minus 30 Mesh (.595 mm)

Product Description: Must be an illite clay with 60% minimum amorphous silica. Material must be processed in a rotary kiln operation at temperatures not less than 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Product must then be screened and de-dusted.

Typical Chemical Description:

  • SiO2 - 60%
  • Fe2O3 - 5%
  • All other chemicals at less than 5% and include but not limited to : Al2O3, CaO, MgO, K2O, Na2O and TiO2

Installation: Pour TURFACE Quick Dry directly into puddles on the infield. Allow Quick Dry to absorb the standing water. Rake the area and smooth Quick Dry into the infield.