Daikon Radish Seed, 50 Lb Bag

  • Ingredients: Radish
  • Details

Daikon Radish is a forage radish with a deep root system that makes an excellent winter cover crop. This extensive root system will draw nitrogen and nutrients from the soil's depths and return them to the top. Before winter kills the radish cover crop, it collects 150 to 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre. Daikon radishes have a distinct appearance than regular garden radishes. They feature big, fast-growing leaves and a long white root with a light carrot-like appearance.

  • Used as a cover crop to mine nitrogen and other nutrients in your soils
  • Grows up to 20 inches long with a diameter of 4 inches
  • Good weed suppressor


  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Seeding Rate: 10 – 15 Lbs Acre
  • Planting Season: Fall - Spring
  • Plant Depth: ½ inch