Forb Feast Coated Chicory Seed, 25 Lb Bag

  • Ingredients: Chicory
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Barkant is an improved forage turnip that combines higher leaf production and a purple tankard root (50% of the bulb is above the soil surface). Barkant produces high yields with good top growth. Barkant is a diploid variety, with good resistance to bolting and very good disease resistance. The high sugar content provides winter hardiness and improved palatability. Production of up to 4-6 tons/acre of dry matter under good grazing management is common. Crop maturity occurs in 60-90 days. Excellent for stockpiling and strip grazing. Barkant turnips provide an excellent option for pasture renovation break crop.

  • Bolts later than Puna
  • Perfect pasture supplement
  • Survives in areas areas where clovers fail
  • Deep rooted and very drought tolerant
  • Anti-parasitic properties, enhancing animal health
  • Great for extending grazing into summer 

Forb Feast is an ideal component of a complex mixture, offering unique health benefits as a pasture supplement. Not only does it contain a relatively high amount of minerals and energy, but Forb Feast has also been shown to reduce parasite activity in ruminants. This, combined with its high palatability, makes Forb Feast ideal for livestock with high energy requirements; such as growing and lactating animals. In addition, Forb Feast allows for later summer grazing due to its deep roots and drought tolerance. 


Forb feast tolerates a large range of planting conditions. However, it is important to insure seed is planted in a firm, moist, seedbed. Forb Feast can be broadcasted or drilled. It is very important not to plant the seed too deep. One eighth of an inch will work best.

Seeding Rate

  • In mixture: 1 - 2 lbs / acre
  • Pure stand: 4 - 5 lbs / acre


Forb Feast is usually included as a minor supplement to a pasture. As such, management should not be focused on the chicory but instead on the major components. However, Forb Feast can be planted as a pure stand. This works especially well for large operations where livestock are given daily access. This provides equal and measureable inclusion of chicory in the diet. Forb Feast has the potential of being grazed multiple times. The first grazing however, will be the most important one. It is vital not to graze too large of an area at once. Strip-grazing prevents both yield and quality losses due to trampling and polluting.