Climax Timothy Seed

  • Ingredients: Timothy
Seat Coating
  • Details

Climax Timothy is a winterhardy, perennial, cool-season forage grass that is preferred by cattle and horses. It is palatable and nutritious. It makes a first-rate companion grass with alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil, or clover species as it is one of the grasses least competitive with legumes. Climax is a leafier variety than other timothy grasses with rust resistance and a greater tolerance for slight soil acidity. It has a shallow, compact, and fibrous root system. It performs well, with moderate to high yields, on wet fertile lands.

  • Excellent forage for horses and other livestock
  • Long-lasting, beautiful show of dark green grass
  • Excellent winterhardiness and yield potential
  • Great companion to legumes in mixtures


  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Seeding Rate (acre) New 25 lbs per acre, Over seeding 15 lbs. per acre
  • Planting Season: Spring - Fall
  • Plant Depth: ½"