Variety Not Stated Triticale Seed, 50 Lb Bag

  • Ingredients: Tritacale
  • Details

Triticale is a synthetic hybrid of wheat and rye. It is commonly planted for forage production. It is extremely winter hardy like cereal rye but produces high quality forage much like winter wheat.  It is adapted to a wide range of soils and requires only moderate fertility and moisture. It will perform best on well drained to moderately drained soils as extended periods of standing water can result in winter kill.  It has high protein, good digestibility, and significantly higher yields than other cereal grains.

  • Cool season annual
  • Good digestibility
  • Higher yields than other cereal grains
  • Great drought tolerance
  • High protein


  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Seeding Rate: Alone: 100-120 LBS./Acre
  • Planting Season: Fall, Spring
  • Plant Depth: 1" - 1.5"